Friday, May 30, 2008

My Personality

Hey all,
Well Pirates is now done and I'm finally back and running. Actually ... more like crashing into walls and wondering what to do with myself. Sadly, now that I have finished what I've spent a year of my life doing I'm not sure what to do!

I thought I would take a personality test though to fill in the time. No surprises here ... I am pleased to note that I am the same personality that I was in high school. I must just be a crankier more sleep deprived version that's all. And for those of you who are "up" on the the personality lingo I am a INFJ and yes, yes, I know have joined the 1% of the earth's population with my personality (that explains a lot. It at least explains why people tend to think I'm a little weird. That's my excuse from now on!) Also, if you take a look at the second part of the test ... the multiple intelligences section ... you will notice some very high scores. I could lie and tell you that I am simply intelligent and extremely well rounded... but the fact is they were asking my opinion of things and being a very optimistic person I answered almost every question in the most enthusiastic way possible. Yes sir! I love the outdoors 9 out of 10. Do I think logically, sure I do! But some may beg to differ so 8 out of 10. Do I like parties? Oh boy, good ones are 9 out of 10. Do you get tired after social events? Do I ever! 10 out of 10. Are you kidding? My whole day is a social event and I'm tired! And so it went. Yes, the score looks amazing ... see the glass is half full people, think and become, think and become ... now if I could just get potato chips out of my head I'd be on my way.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Once more into the breach my friends...

Yes, the delinquent is back.

I've been working very hard at my Pirates of Penzance production of late so it has not left me a lot of free time. Although I am practicing a lot of piratey skills like swashbuckling, gun slinging and the singing of elaborately wordy songs, I have not been working on my blogging expertise. As you may have noticed. Ahem. Sorry about that.

Today I am sporting a new and improved cold virus. How do I know? I am a complete medical novice but frankly anything that has been kicking around since December deserves to be new and improved, up for a virus medal, winner of a virus prize etc. etc. How do I know it's a virus then? Because all the doctor's I've seen keep telling me it is one. I keep grossing them out with all the meuchousy, feverish, down right pathetic symptoms and they keep telling me the same thing. It's just a virus ma'am. Nothing to worry about.

Makes you want to invent symptoms, just to prove you sat three hours in the walk in clinic for a good reason. Gooey green scales on your elbow, flame throwing breath, or a weird hankering for fresh metal, for instance. I don't think it would help though. They'd probably just shrug their shoulders, pat me on the back and say. Nothing to worry about ma'am. All the colds this year are going that way.

Doctors are just too hard to impress.