Friday, September 18, 2009

New Lease on Life

Hi All,
Well, I'm sure you've noticed but it has been quite some time since my last post.

If you haven't noticed then you are probably not actually reading this at this moment. In that case, the point is moot.

Assuming you're reading this let me explain a little about what has gone on.


There, you have it.

I'm not sure how or why but the last year has been extremely busy with running and jumping, and no-ing and yes-ing, and breaking and buying, crying and whining and well... you get the picture, not a lot else. Period. That explains a lot.

Politics for example.

Now, as you might have guessed, the littlest of my family are off to school...all day...every day. What is a woman to do? I just realized I've spent eight years doing things for other people almost all day long (depending on the year) and now, I can do things for myself. Who was that again? Well, at least I kind of remember what I like to do. Sort of.

Now, if I could just stop feeling guilty for sending the little ones on their way I could start partying. Maybe drink my coffee in sips instead of glugs, look into daily hygiene, and sit down instead of hovering protectively by the counter. There are some things I would like to work on that would help make the transition to the "normal" world a little less difficult: My hands could use some practice only holding one object at a time, and my brain will need to work on unmultitasking, and I'll have to stop saying "no" at regular intervals. It sounds kind of crazy when you're alone. It also sounds crazy when you say it to strangers. These are all goals that I hope to work towards in the near future. For now though, baby steps.

There. I managed to do one post. Perhaps the future is a little brighter.