Sunday, August 26, 2007

Favorite Actors and Actresses: Angelina Jolie

What? I can hear you say. Yes, it is true. I think she's great. sigh. I was so prepared to not like her. After all she looks as though she is just another young, pretty thing who does enough dangerous stuff that she manages to stay in the spot light. Admittedly with some pretty strange additions to that little formula. Clearly, she is not. Anyone who can take some of the vacuous scripts that she has been given and find nuance deserves to get an academy award. I'll admit she's been in a few decent movies too. Watch her closely, she never stops acting in the movies, she reacts to what the other actors are saying and finds detail and emotion in the smallest moments. Personally I would like to see her try something that would actually showcase her talents so that everyone could see it, but likely she will just keep doing more of the same. She's good, that's all I've got to say.


Naomi said...

Such fun actors/actresses!

I don't know that I would have picked these, but I haven't seen them in as many roles as you have, and you have a different (and likely better- being in the field) way of critiquing them.

I'm not sure that I've seen Ben Kingsley in much- other than sneakers, and Helena Bonham Carter- well...lets just say I don't like her character in HP.

Angelina- again- haven't seen enough of her, but I will look for her nuances in her roles!

Hope all's well!

Joel said...

I loved her control of the character in Time Raider: Cradle of Life (the second movie). I mean, anyone who can turn that character into something more than just some *ahems* on legs, well, she did it very well, and it made for a rather enjoyable action movie.

Grant Miller said...

She's great. Personally, I'd like to see her try a few things, too.

Anonymous said...

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