Monday, October 15, 2007

Attack of the Lucious Linens

Where are those people who get all their moving boxes unpacked in a week? You know who I’m talking about. You’ve probably heard of them too. I want their number. I’m even willing to pay commission.

It has been six years since we moved in, and while we have unpacked most of our boxes I am still putting pictures up on the wall and moving clumps of linen, nicknacks and “things I can’t let go” around the house. Sad, I know, but true. It’s like a grand scavenger hunt every time someone comes to visit. Oh, I’ve read all those articles on home organization. I’ve heard about deep storage. I’ve even clipped a story about a family who moved into their new home bearing one box of personal items each. That’s right. One box, folks. Call it a personal goal, if you will. Or a far of dream if you are more of a realist.

How on earth did all the nick nacks and linen get out of control? Why am I having so much trouble? They likely spend far too much time unsupervised. You know what I mean.

I would give up but I am afraid the whole mess will take over. It is only a matter of time before the linen and nicknacks team up with the take home school papers and then they will rule the world! I just can’t let that happen. True, it’s a small sacrifice but I like to do my part for human kind.

So, if you happen to run into any expert unpackers, super organizers or just someone with a lot of free time, feel free to send them my way. You never know, the safety of the world could be at stake.


Peter said...

In my little apartment it often seems cluttered and full (some might even say it's a little messy). But since I'm so far away from family here in NS I don't get a lot of visitors so the clutter isn't much of a problem I guess... I have tried cleaning, but there just isn't enough room! I have too many books to fit on my shelves and the loose papers just pile up. I haven't seen my table top fully clear in probably more than a year!

I like to think that it's a space issue--if I had more space, shelves, etc., I'd be more clean--but it's more likely I'm a bit of a pack-rat. I came here in a minivan--I'd never fit everything into a minivan now!

*(though aside from some ugly plates and cutlery given to the poor bachelor that have remained in boxes, I've been unpacked for quite a while!)

Bec said...

Ugly plates? I want 'em! I'm sure they could be an exciting addition to the youth group. Mwhahaha.

I have some boxes that refuse to be unpacked, but I'm okay with that because I seem to be addicted to moving. Therefore unpacking them will just hinder me in the future.

trace said...

There is stuff that really does prefer to stay packed and waiting for that moment of rediscovery or the "I know I have that somewhere..." thought. I don't think I'm completely unpacked, partially because I thought I might be moving again shortly after moving in and then there's always something else to do.

Anonymous said...

Our outhouse gets all cluttered up with non-sensical type thingies that we don't know what to do with.

Jenn said...

Uh, sorry. If I run across anyone like that, I'm going to be taking them and locking them in my place to organize it first, lol!

There should be magazines that glorify the existence of the pack rat and how wonderful having tons of stuff is. ;)

Cara said...

Well, I'm glad to see that there is more than one cleanliness challenged person out there! Now, if only we had a hot line! Hang in there.