Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Popcorn Crazy Frog - Google Video

Popcorn Crazy Frog - Google Video
Here's the frog DJing a dance.


Nancy said...

ok...a frog with a penis...is that biologically correct??? I don't remember any frog I ever caught being that well endowed....thanks for the crazy video!!!

Cara said...

Yes, I didn't notice it in the first video (mind you he was on a motor bike, but it is pretty evident in the others. Thankfully my kids have yet to notice!

Nancy said...

leave it to me to notice those "things"!!! I think "it" was censored ever so gently on the first one you posted. But, again, I ask .... do frogs have penises???? What does your hubby think?

Joel said...

Frogs, no, but the Annoying Thing obviously does! Interesting... I wonder why they did this. The only reason I can come up with is that I believe this animation comes from Europe, which is notoriously not as hung up on this as is our North American pious sensibilities.

I don't think this is glorified in any of the animations, though it is obviously there. Oh well, the funniest is the Axel F video anyhow, and that is the only one that I like.