Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sunday Intellectual Discussion: Hate and Revenge

Now that I’ve done the “love” topic (and by the way you can still respond to that one) I’ll have to look into hate. I don’t know about you but when I was little I was told that “hate is a strong word” so I was taught to curb my usage of it even for little things like, “I hate school,” and “I hate this dinner.”  Even so, in adulthood I find true hate unavoidable. There are so many things that happen in this world that seem to justify hate and to justify revenge. People are gravely hurt, injustices abound, cruel individuals ruin lives or even kill to gain petty things for themselves. Many belief systems declare that taking revenge is justifiable, that the hurt self must be appeased in order for healing to begin. This revenge is often bound by regulations and rewards. Others preach forgiveness as the only path to healing.  

Now, it’s true no matter what you believe, revenge happens and so does hate. So, for this week, you can either comment on your beliefs regarding revenge and hate or you can give us your most clever story of revenge. Is it a “dish best served cold” or is revenge best immediately? Should it be quelled or allowed to run free? I’ll see if I can post some stories of my own.


Joel said...

Growing up the youngest of nine I certainly have some stories about hatred... but I shall save my response to a sweet little revenge that I was finally granted earlier this month to my teasing and sometimes over-bearing brothers' grim:

I have never been that good in sports, and my brothers would relentlessly remind me of this fact. I tried broomball, didn't like it all that well, tried baseball and wasn't that great, did horseshoes but who plays that anymore, so I got into golf. All my brothers are lefties and I hit right handed, so I got teased there, but as the years have gone by I got stronger in my swing.

This past year at the annual Seminary golf tournament that we all go to I got the bragging rights to the longest drive of the day. I hit it somewhere over 300 yards (our foursome's calculation was about 317) and won a cordless weed-trimmer. That's cool, but what was soooo sweet was telling my brothers to go look on the 10th fairway if they wanted to rub my nose in anything.

Yes, I was and am proud, but it was a sweet moment of revenge... I finally can claim a sport as my own!

Naomi said...


Anyone home? Are you all back and settled in? I hope you enjoyed your vacation, and the amount of stuff back in place at your house.

Hate is an interesting topic...I've thought and thought, but I've not got anything to say at the moment!