Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday Intellectual Discussion: Worst Childcare Item

This question is inspired by the terrible clutter I have found myself in. How, after all the research, did we end up with toys that my children do not play with ... and products that are not only bulky but also refuse be operated by the sleep deprived? By far the worst baby item we have ever bought was the diaper genie. Sure it may have worked wonders for some other PHD holding smarties but we just couldn't get the thing open, or once it was open, we couldn't get it closed. It ended up a glorified waste basket hanging half way open all day until we could stand the stench no longer. It has since been sold in a yard sale and been replaced by grocery bags that are quickly tied up and wisked outside before people pass out.

What is the worst baby or childcare item that you have ever purchased for yourself or someone else? (This could include annoying toys bought for unsuspecting friends...naughty :)


Naomi said...

What!? You mean you don't think the choo-choo train I bought that whirred, choo-chooed and whistled was the best gift to give a 1 1/2 yr old boy, just before he and his parents set off on a very long car ride???
hehe--oops! I didn't know it made the noise when I bought it online!

Cara said...

Ha, ha. Well, you do know that they will return the favor. Of course the train would be a bit of a mixed blessing ... the kid would be quiet you would just have to phase out the noise, if at all possible!

Anonymous said...

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