Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday Intellectual Question: Music, Self Expression?

Does a look at your music collection express to the world who you are? Wow, I'm not sure what mine would say ... lately I've been leaning towards cheesy dance music ... but it is an interesting thought. I assume that if someone buys a musician's work it must resonate with them emotionally, mentally or otherwise, and yet, can another person's art be a true reflection of who we are? Do we love music for the memories it brings to us, for the understanding it gives or just because it makes us happy? Interesting.

What's your favorite song, album or group? Does music and art have the ability to express who you are or where you've been?


Joel said...

Evanescence - The Open Door has been getting some heavy play since Saturday with me... although I really love the old Who stuff... actually, there are a lot of 60's and 70's bands I enjoy listening too... I am an oddity... oh well... I love music, and my iPod has it all!!!

Kim said...

Do the Wiggles count??? I think I've lost who I am. In my old life and now dream world I would have to reach out to ABBA!!!