Thursday, June 21, 2007

Open Sesame!

Yes, as promised I am jotting down another crazy adventure here in diaper land. They can completely undress, that's right, snaps, buttons, velcro, even clips are not a problem for these girls. We often find them first thing in the morning looking like they are auditioning for the role of Pat Benatar, one arm out of their shirt and hair flying in all directions. And yes, we have even found them minus their diapers.

The first such morning I awoke to hear my husband shouting, "Oh, no you don't" Which was quickly followed by a "Get in here!" and a "This is the grossest thing I have ever seen in my life!" Our beloved daughter had not only discovered the wonders of taking her diaper off, she was enchanted by what was in her diaper!

The day then proceeded as follows:
"Don't take your pants off!" "Oh, no. Where's your diaper young lady?" Get out of that ... Where are your pants?" "Just leave them on!" "How is it possible to be tied to a chair and still get your pants off?"

Finally, after chasing our daughter around the house like an escaped convict, and watching me nearly fall over from exhaustion, my husband did the only sane thing possible at that moment. He threatened her. "Keep those pants on or we're going to use duct tape!"

I really didn't believe him, but the next time I went by the change table there he was placing the the bedtime diaper on our little wriggler, duct tape in hand.

"There," he said with delight as the silver tape gleamed in the glow of the setting sun, "you'll never get out of that!"

She was suspiciously quiet.


Naomi said...

From what I hear, the silver hero actually I correct?

Joel said...

I wasn't sure how much duct tape it would take at first... but like Red Green, I figured the woman ought to at least find me handy since, well, you know...

Anyhoo, I get's me about two feet of the silver sticker, and wrap it around the waste band of the said diaper, making sure I got the tabs (kinda senseless if I didn't). It only wrapped around once, but I figured that should be enough!

*Note* to all others that try this: do not get this on the baby's skin... they howl something fierce upon removal! (Baby oil does help, but expediency should be the king rule here).

It worked! I was happy, Cara was happy, the twins... well, they weren't so happy (except Emmy, who is the one who doesn't play with her bowel matter... she just likes the silver stripe!), but it worked... until you try to pull the diaper off yourself!

*Note* to self and others trying this... too much duct tape makes it impossible to remove unless you have scissors or bolt cutters near by!

So, needless to say, we have adjusted the amount of duct tape to a token amount on Emmy's diaper (she just likes the silver stripe) and about 10 inches on Sophie's... to keep prying fingers at bay. So far, we have success! Red Green would be proud!

Nancy said...

Love the concept. JH wasn't quite so resourceful so after a few very cold baths after a "play" session, he changed his mind about that one. Keep the stories, they make great fodder for blackmail.

Effie said...

aaaah, duct tape...and Emmy just likes something shiny, eh? Seems like Katie is going that way too--if I'm eating a granola bar she just wants that shiny wrapper...