Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Elephant Poops Children


This just in.
Reports of a child eating menace have flooded our newsroom. A large elephant posing as a piece of playground equipment has been spotted around the city. It's appearance has co-incided with the modification of children at these playgrounds. Children, believing this creature to be an ordinary slide, have entered the elephant only to return to their parents completely altered.

Mrs.Rowena Herfblocken of Littlesnoz had this to say, "My little Tommy used to be such a quiet boy. He always came home from school and sat in the corner, humming quietly to himself. Never was any trouble. Now, since the elephant...He has changed. I never know where he is. He's always running around, jumping on the furniture, wanting to go back to the "park" and "his elephant" and...worst of all... all he talks about is poop."

Citizens are advised to contact the nearest SPCA, keep their children indoors, and remain calm if they happen to see this creature.

We will keep you updated with further stories on the hour.

I saw this just the other day on one of my favorite sites, Apartment Therapy (which they received from Dark Roasted Blend) and I just had to share. Check out the slide! Many of the other playgrounds were in serious disrepair but this one is just plain funny. I know a lot of kids who would love to be "pooped" out. (and a lot of parents who wish their kids were pooped before they were.) Anyway, here's the link.

Elephant Bum


Anonymous said...

Nice... that elephant is just WRONG! Though I could totally tell how kids might like it.


Anonymous said...

This elephant also has a built in TV. No wonder Tommy wanted to go inside the elephant. But the elephant is alive after the child comes in it and it eats the children alive! It sounds more like it's a monster and not a slide. Usual elephants only eat grasses, ferns and leaves. But this playground elephant eats little children.

This update is brought to you by our
On the ground reporter - Jocelyn

Anonymous said...

That elephant seems kind of weird. It seems like there must be an evil person controlling it in order to make the kids think about poop. Let's destroy the elephant. AND make all the other parks with animals in it, not the real ones, the fake ones, into ice cream cones.

This update is brought to you by the slightly smaller ground reporter - Sean

Naomi said...


I am sorry to report that you will not come across such things here, when you come for your visit. I can, however, warn you of large crustaceans...

jayash verma said...

i lik that elephant....