Monday, February 20, 2006

Sunday Intellectual Question

How did they put the caramel inside the Caramilk bar? Any suggestions?


Cara said...

I think they make a chocolate mold of the bumpy part of the chocolate bar, fill it with caramel then put the bottom on. Sounds logical.

Naomi said...

Are you allowed to do that? just spoil all our fun? and answer your very own question?

Or is the fact that you're tired of no one responding to your questions?? I was going to...and I think I shall....

you've used theory one- but how do they fill it soooo full?

theory two- they make the bar- but there are no bumpy parts yet, just a big hollow center, which they fill up through an exterior hole, use a compressor on the semi-solidified chocolate and then fill in the exterior hole.


good theory, right?
talk to you later! I'm looking forward to the Wednesday story!

Naomi said...

the compressor is what makes the bumpy part bumpy and prevents the caramel from oozing from section to section

Anonymous said...

your both wrong candy bars are made from the candy fairy... everyone knows that... duh!