Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Life at the Big Top

I think I'm going to give the van a paint job.

That way when I'm racing to get all the kids in the car, and I'm frustrated because child number one won't stop pushing the over head light, child number two has decided his life will not be complete unless we either stop at McDonalds RIGHT NOW or give him his sister's sunglasses, and children number three and four are both crying because I lost their soothers in the rain puddle outside ... my life may feel like a circus ... but my van looks like one. It would be perfect.

My children would tumble out of the van ...

"Why look!" Someone would gasp. "That boy is rolling around on the pavement. What a cute acrobat!"

"And that little girl," another would say, "she's dressed in a ball gown and a pirate outfit, what a clever clown."

"I don't know if they're as good as that tight rope walker there," a man would bellow pointing to one of the twins pulling herself to standing on the tire rim, "or the complusive eater," pointing to the other twin eating someone's discarded cracker and a small sticker right off the ground, "they're great, and they look alike. It's like watching one of them do two things!"

Then I would pass around the hat and take home enough spare change to pay for University.

Yes, I think a paint job would be a good idea. Posted by Picasa


.:kat:. said...

this was rather liberating Cara --

I feel the urge to run away and join the circus --

huggin' you

Gillie said...

My life is already a circus and like the big top it's noisy and colourful and goes round and round and round LOL! What kind of colour scheme were you planning on ... you have put all sorts of ideas into my head ... and the DH is away until Sunday, just think of the damage (sorry artwork) I could do to the Galaxy before then.....

Cara said...

It is highly recommended by decorators everywhere to create an "inspiration board" for your scheme. Take pictures of inspirational objects or better yet, paste and glue them right to a large poster sized peice of paper. The banana peel the kids left behind the couch, bits of playdough crushed into your favorite sweater, a sample of the crayon mural by your resident artiste ... these are your inspiration. And ... if he is away until Sunday ... see if you can install a musical horn too ... it would help a lot. Do, do doit dodo do dododo.