Thursday, August 24, 2006

My Landlord

I recently decided to try renting someone else's blog. There are so many weird things you can do on the "net" so I guess living in two or three places at once is not so strange ... not really. Question though, Kat, there's a couple burnt bulbs and an old furnace at my place ... can you let me know when you can get to it?

Check out Kats blog in return. She's a great writer and very funny so it's worth the visit.
Kats Knoll


.:kat:. said...

*rattle *rattle *clank *bang

dang coal burners --

been meaning to fix that shug --

but my hammer's been in the shop since June --

guess I'll use the money from your rent and buy me a brand spankin' new kerosun

huggin' you

Cara said...

thanks a bundle ... do people actually heat their houses with kerosean? Personally, I would like to heat my house with excess garbage. Completely renewable. They'd just have to filter out the smell.