Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday Intellectual Discussion: Best Food Memory

Well, another week has gone by … sometimes it is so difficult to get to a computer! Thanks to all of you who have weighed in recently on the various topics I have so enjoyed your comments! Now, to the task at hand. My brain feels like it has been eaten by some very small, and tenacious, rodents. There are some serious holes happening! So, in honor of this situation I’m not going to ask anything intellectual this week … it would be too taxing … instead I’m going to ask something emotional … last I checked all my feelings were still intact.

I love ice cream, especially milkshakes. To me they are the ultimate comfort food and, with real cream, a true indulgence. Slowly licking a spoon full of ice cream and letting it melt in my mouth makes time drag to a halt. For a moment I am as pampered as a princess.

My Grandpa on my mom’s side used to love ice cream too. In fact, I can remember riding in the back of the car with him.

“Stop!” he shouted as we passed a Baskin Robins sign, “The kids want ice cream!”

I was about to explain that I hadn’t said anything, (what can I say, not too quick on the pick up) but he quickly leaned over and whispered, “Shh, play along and we’ll all get some!”

My parents stopped the car and we were given a couple minutes to run to the store. There were so many flavors, but we quickly chose, “2 large cones and a dish please!” I think our eyes popped out of our heads … my brother and I had never had a cone that big before … it was like someone had handed us a whole container! We started to lick furiously.
“Hurry up!” Grandpa said, “we can’t take it back to the car. And here…”
He pulled out his wallet from his pants pocket and handed us each five dollars. “Don’t tell Grandma I got one too.”

The funny thing is … I pretty sure she knew.

What is your favorite food memory?


Kim said...

Eating from the Nutella bucket in my parents' basement as a little girl.....

Eating McCain cakes after late night University parties......

Mc Donald's caramel sundays with nuts anytime....

My favorite...Poutine delivered by my Pastor....(even though I had to share!!!!)

.:kat:. said...

I remember waiting for the ice cream man to come around -- we'd run out with our dime and lick our way through the best Moo Bars ever --

huggin' you

Nancy said...

I remember the summer we ran out of cream quota (farm story) and instead of feeding the rich cream to the animals, we made homemade butter and homemade ice cream.........mmmmmmmmmm. I think I gained 20 pounds that summer but it was worth it.

Cara said...

wow, it is all making me very hungry ... comfort food is like your best fleece blanket and a great hug! BTW what are Moo Bars? They sound good!
and kat how did you ever get your ice cream guy to stop for you? Ours used to make us chase him around the neighbourhood! Still, when we finally had a chance to eat it did taste good! poutine is so good too and so is homemade ice cream ... got to go raid my fridge!