Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday Intellectual Discussion: Sans Electricity

Today we were without electricity until the middle of the afternoon ... hard not to go into the shakes! A situation like that makes you sit back and concider what would I do if electrical power was suddenly gone ... forever? Would I survive? I might have to wash everything by hand ... including the dishes! I've watched lots of Survivor so I would probably be great at making a fire though.

What one thing would you be best at if you had no electricity to aid your day?


Joel said...

I'd like to see how your blogging would go without hydro!!!

Seriously... hydro is one thing, but you can still use the water without hydro... you cannot live without water! We tried once for three weeks in the winter when the water lines froze under the street... that was NOT fun.

Hydro we could go without... for a time.

Kim said...

No Tv (other than the battery operated one) What would Jeff do?? Talk to me??

Joel said...

One word...


Nancy said...

But the beer would get warm...not good.
Sleep, however, is very nicely done without electricity....lots of sleep.
Beyond that, my kids have learned to play cribbage, and I don't even have to play their hands for them.