Monday, May 01, 2006

Presenting the Andertoons

I found a wonderful new addition to my site ... the daily Andertoon comic! If you will now direct you attention to the left side bar. There snuggled in between my links to favorite topics and the Blogger Button is a small thumbnail cartoon. Perhaps at this moment you are thinking what I thought when I first saw it

"That looks like it might be interesting. Too bad I can't see it. I must need better glasses."

Fret no more. Simply click on the small image and you will have a larger, seeing impaired version for your viewing enjoyment. For those of you who had it figured out long before ... well, try not to rub it in.!


Naomi said...

Hee having this here I can have another way to see if I've been by your site to check it every day! If I haven't read the comic, I know that I haven't surfed on by yet. (Sometimes it feels like MY brain is going to mush too... I don't even have your excuses!)

Talk to you later! Looking forward to the next Wednesday story to start. Thanks for the fun last story!

Cara said...

I'm glad you like the addition. I'm also glad you liked the last story, it got really difficult to write at the end.The characters always seem to have their own ideas as to where they're going! No need to have children for your brain to legimately mush, lack of sleep will do it too... or stress ... or, well, there's lots of things, just don't let it fall out your ear, that would be bad!