Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Poem: Snow

To tide you over until the story begins next week I thought I would post a short poem.
This poem bids goodbye to the last bit of snow here in the cold and frozen north. It should, by all rights, be a poem praising the wonders of spring and expressing, with deepest gratitude, the freedom of the great outdoors after long months of being locked inside, however, this is what came out. Hope you enjoy.


Myriad of dropping dreams,
Crystallized rainbow, floating down,
feet thick,
on my porch, on the ground,
Snow hugs a tree, caressing the bark,
Fixed, on glistening windows,
Sparkling fingertips,
Making life bright,
In dead winter.

Old Man is not for snow,
He scowls at his shovel,
Stamps his foot into glossy prints,
While sleighs of children squeal in delight.
Snow is not for tired,
or sad,
But for energy balls of tightly wrapped children.
Snow is their domain, an enchanted playground,
Full of dreams.

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Joel said...

Man, we JUST got rid of the snow, finally enjoying the sunshine and you have to bring that white stuff back to our minds?!? It's SPRING!!!

Seriously, nice poem. Cool imagery... literally! ;-)

Useless Man said...

Great poem. So good that I was feeling cool on a May day.