Monday, May 29, 2006

Sunday Intellectual Question: Shoes

Ok. I am offically veering off the intellectual freeway, past the muddy cow path and into the bush, however, I like the question. After all I'm supposed to be in charge here. (I'm supposed to be in charge of a lot of things ... all of which remain to be seen!)

I've heard several times that you can tell a person's personality by their shoes. I'm not sure I buy into it. It could be because I wear runners. Do you agree with this philosophy? If so could you explain how it works? (So I can wear nicer footwear when we meet!)

Do you have a story about your favorite shoes and what you loved about them? I'd love to hear it!


alex said...

Actually, there may be something to that. I like black running shoes. Always have. There's something dressy yet casual, comfy yet useful about them...

Bec said...

My favorite shoes: so many pairs, so many memories.

My old favorite pair of slides were retired after I lost one in a mudhole in Thornbury's mainstreet during construction.

I keep two shoes on my bookshelf: one man's brown leather business shoe, one woman's 4 inch heel black mary jane. They start much conversation.

One time while billeting I was given a pair of mint green leather flats and they make me happy.

Then there's my Jesus shoes. The ones that look like Jesus and his followers would have worn.

Or my black plat strappy ones. But they broke. So did the 4 inch ones with the flowers...

I have a pair of shoes for every liturgical season, so I suppose that set is my favorite?

Kim said...

The perfect shoe would bring me from children... to wine and the cottage...out to dinner..Has anybody heard of this shoe?

For now, I will keep my black boring work shoes, my brown boring work shoes, my black dressy sandal, my beige dressy sandal, my black cottage sandals, my white in town sandals and my running shoes...that should do it!

As far as personalities go this question made me realize that my personality must change with the activity that I'm doing and that my shoes would only confuse you. I suppose that knowing me andgetting a bigger picture would be best.

Cara said...

Thanks for your comments! I had no idea but shoes are actually pretty emotional. I still long for the pretty white and pink runners I had when I was fifteen. I hardly even wore them, the occasions had to be just right, I never even knew what they were. The second best pair were leather woven flats that I wore to high school. I loved them and lots of people asked me were I got them.