Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Playing With People: Bathroom Accessories

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Next time you have a party or just someone over, place something funny and surprising in your bathroom. It could be a musical soap dish, a faux fur behind the hand towel, or even the singing fish you got for your birthday last year. Wait until some unsuspecting soul has to use the bathroom then make sure everyone else knows what’s going on. Listen for their screams of surprise. When the person finally comes back to the party and says “you have something weird in your bathroom” fain ignorance and make them explain what happened. It will be very funny indeed! My parents did this when I was little. I can’t for the life of me remember exactly what was in the bathroom … but everyone seemed to have a lot of fun with this gag!

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Joel said...

I want to put one of those little shanties up behind the house and let any guests know that's the bathroom during our summer long renovations! That would get some surprised looks!

Seriously, those are very handy little houses, smelly, but very handy. Wonder what the zoning regulations are in the city for a two seater option?

Naomi said...

Would you get the blueprints from Will?

Heehee...I think it would be fun...but you do have a lot of small, curious children running around your place...dark places, with holes...maybe not a great idea!!(I mean, they are not used to it, I gather there were many-a-year when kids were able to NOT fall down the outhouse....but I'm suspecting yours wouldn't be all that smelly and repulsive, at least for a little while!)

Effie said...

OH that's just too funny! i think I would like to try that...the faux fur under the hand-towel sounds rather devious!

And a lovely 2-holer in the backyard, eh? Make sure there's a moon on the door! (and a big can of lysol at the ready!)

Effie said...

In the City of St. Catharines I don't think the by-laws permit for an outhouse....and Timmins, hmm, probably not....tell people it's a shed and until it starts to get stinky, they'll be none the wiser!

Nancy said...

You obviously were not «privy» to the little structure we had behind the house growing up. At least, by the time I was able to use it, we finally had the in-house version and it was a choice, not a necessity. It was a great 2 holer with all the scents and sounds.... bees, mosquitos, flies all buzzing in close proximity to exposed parts. So, when I visit your house this summer, I'll go to the closest available public washroom ahead of the blackfly backhouse.