Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Playing With People: Progressive Party

Here's an idea that I culled from Jim Davis's book: Garlfield, How to Party. Yes, I'm am not only admitting to the fact that I took a humour book seriously, but that I am actually concidering putting that info into practice. Here's the idea. Take a bunch of party goers, snacks, and one unsuspecting host, mix.

The party goers get together and plan the party before the event. They decide who will bring and make food, what decorations or theme will be made and arrange the date. It is important that the host of the party not know any of these details. The day of the party arrives. The first guest stands on the doorstep bearing food.


Then the second guest dings the bell, "well, this is unexpected."

A third, "um, just what is going on!"

You get the idea. The party is then in full swing and the best part is, the host doesn't have to clean any dishes!

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trace k said...

...so we should be cautious if you suddenly show up and say surprise?

Sounds like a neat way to start a surprise party!

Naomi said...

I seem to recall this joke/party idea. I like it!! Some day I'll try to pull it off.

Hope you're enjoying your family time! It was great to see you and the rest of your clan earlier this week. I gather we'll have to wait for the next installment of the story?!