Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sunday Intellectual Question: Ban the Bunny?

Just a thought or two regarding the Easter Bunny:

During the last two weeks an Easter Bunny house has been on display at the mall. Like the Santa house at Christmas, the children can go to get a picture, this time with an enormous bunny … that never blinks. No wonder my children don’t want to go near it! My children will, of course, awake to the sight of little Easter Eggs adorning our kitchen and with great excitement tell everyone they meet how the “Easter Bunny came to our house.” I’m not about to “Ban the Bunny” but I wonder what purpose the Easter Bunny serves. Santa at least teaches children to “be good”, if only under the threat of empty stockings. The tooth fairy eases the pain of loosing your teeth with a promised reward, but an Easter Bunny? What do I find so weird?

First of all, the bunny lays eggs, yes, lays them, a trait not found in the rest of the species. (It is possible that the bunny only decorates and hides the eggs; but that would make him crafty, and strange.)

Secondly, while bunnies are, admittedly, very cute and even often seen in the spring time, they have very little to do with Easter. It could be the Easter Ground Hog for that matter.

I cannot think of any reason why an Easter Bunny would be appropriate for the season, can you? If you can, let me know.

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Joel said...

You know, I was never that stoked on eating brown chocolate eggs that supposedly some strange bunny "laid" in my house. I mean, there are other strange little brown things that bunnies lay, and they aren't chocolate!

How our culture loves to warp our children's minds and everything. Whatever happened to just saying "Happy Easter" and going to church for service?

Anonymous said...

The only comment I have is that "our" bunny plays tricks with the eggs that my children decorate by hiding them. I have never heard of them laying eggs...I agree that that would be very weird.

Kelly Klages said...

The only reason that bunnies are appropriate for the "season," as you mentioned, is because it's springtime, and bunnies mate a lot. Though I suppose they'd have to mate with a giant chocolate chicken in order to produce eggs like that...

...and even so, you'd think it would be a chocolate rooster and chocolate hen, instead...

The Easter Bunny is indeed crafty, and strange.

Increasingly I've found the concept of Santa as someone who rewards good children and essentially punishes naughty ones to be somewhat less than comforting. The real Santa was much nicer, yet had the nerve to slap heretics in public. (Now, wouldn't that make for an interesting trip to visit Santa at the mall...)

Cara said...

very funny! My kids actually got to go on an Easter Egg hunt while we visited family this week. They had a lot of fun. Does anyone remember the Caramilk Chocolate commercials? That is, I believe, where the infamous laying bunny first hopped into our culture. Could be a north american or even canadian thing.