Saturday, April 01, 2006

Sunday Intellectual Question: Men and Sports

What is the attraction between men and sports?

Admittedly, there are some guys out there who would rather watch foreign films than a weekend of football, but most of the guys I know would love to have a room of their own, snacks, comfy chairs and a TV screen … sports 24/7.

I can understand playing sports, but watching sports for hours on end? The men I know watch sports with something I can only describe as intensity. The world and everyone in it could be racing around them, these guys stare at the screen, shouting, muscles ready to spring into action, as though, if they moved from their divot on the couch, the score would magically change and their team/player would lose! Quite frankly this attachment boggles my mind. Do guys fantasize that they will be called ‘off the bench’ at a moments notice? Or could it be the same kind of love lavished on live sports in the past? Just what attraction does it hold?

Ladies, any ideas? Guys, give me a hand. What is it about sports on TV that you love so much?

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iiq374 said...

Adrenaline and the unknown.

Face it - it is actually pretty rare that you watch a film and you cannot guess the ending. It is only the path that gets you there that is interesting in many cases.

In sport - both the path and the result are always unknown. Plus you get to release the tension of the week by yelling at some prat that doesnt know the rules as well as you ;-)

(PS - I'll watch a good intellectual film over sport most of the time - but sometimes you just want the action)

Kelly Klages said...

Not only that, but there seems to be an added fascination with REALLY BIG screens. =o)

Cara said...

Now that you put it that way sports make a little more sense. I like the sound of an unknown ending but I must have a short attention span, four hours of a football game had better deliver some spectacular unknowns! I do get the part about releasing tension but I wonder if it wouldn't be better to go outside and run it off!