Thursday, April 27, 2006

Working with Photo-Paint

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Here's my first foray into Photo Paint .... grrrr! It is not exactly idiot proof. For example the help section blithly encouraged me to "spray on the layer" with ne'er a spray tool in sight. Never mind the fact that layer was not the word they used for the photo in the first place! However, I did prevail in the end although I have yet to figure out just how to change the size or exactly how I managed to "spray" in the first place. These are tasks best left for another day. For instance, the day the sky falls. Face it, I will probably be stuck with what ever random size or act this program spits out. Especially if I spray it.


Joel said...

This gal cracks me up everytime I look at her... very nonchalant, kickin' back and smokin' a stogie!!! That would have been one tough Grandma to mess with! Well done!

Cara said...

Thanks! I think she's great! I originally wanted to write "Get out your red hats ladies" but perhaps she really is part of that club!