Monday, April 24, 2006

Piffle, Piffle, Snort.

Some things are worth saying ... for instance ... blubber.

Certain words just sound good. It doesn’t matter what they mean or if they are attached to a sentence, you want to say them all the time. It’s unfortunate, but some of the best words are ones that you only use on rare occasions.

I say, starting today, throw caution to the wind and use these words as much as possible. Make up new tenses and variations if you have to! Why should the zoo keepers have the regular use of blubber all to themselves?  You could, for instance, say that you are having a blubber day. Did you eat too much? Work too slow? Were you adding extra insulation to your walls? Let them wonder. Here’s my list of the latest “must have words”:

Buble: (As in Michael Buble. Buy his album if you want or just use it as the upper class version of ‘bubble’.)
Anonymous: Like pseudonym it should have been an ‘80’s hit song, whakachicka, whakachicka!
Scrumptious: Diddlyuptious!
Contraption: Use instead of ‘thing’. As in “what is that contraption?”
Gob smacked
Carmi lion
Smokey Tokyo: Not a comment on the place, my brother and I used to say it because it sounded cool!

Join the fun! Add to the list!

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Kelly Klages said...

Albus Dumbledore would be proud of you.

Cara said...

Actually I remembered a hilarious skit by the group "radio free vestibule" invovling the sounds of words. Athough I heard it years ago it stays with me and still makes me laugh! I'll post their site soon.