Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wednesday Story ... Oh boy!

Ok, some of you are looking at this saying. This is a little short. What an odd post modern way to start part two of her story. Did I miss something?

Interestingly, while this, obviously is not my story, it does have something to do with the final question. There are days being home is not easy. There are days when they are. Then there are the days when you do the following:

Wake up way too early to hear the cheery sounds of little voices.
"Stop that! Stop that! I can be louder!"

Give everyone breakfast, vitamins, juice
Wash coffee pot
Scrape egg off the floor
Make formula to the sound of crying twins
Stop fight
Give book back to child
Read book
Put child in time out for hitting
Kiss boo-boo
Give bottles to the twins
Sweep up breakfast

Console daughter who is crying and won't go to school.
Console twins who are crying and drooling, in unison.
Console son who is crying "Save Ums! Save Ums! I want TV!"

Let son watch TV

Put babies to bed
Drag son, "Mr.Outdoors" from TV to outside so I can shovel the walk. All the while he is yelling "No mommy! I don't WANT to go outside!"
Start shovelling.
In and out. Soother for twin 1.
In and out. Soother for twin 2.
Fix shovel.
In and out. Soother.

Bottles for twins.
Book for son.
Coffee for mommy.
Burp for twins.
Snack for son.
Deep breath for mommy.
Swing for twin 1.
Exersaucer for twin 2.
Magnets for son.
Telephone vacation offer for mommy.
"Do they take kids?" I ask? "I have four?"
Dead air for mommy.

So, as you can see, this is just the FIRST part of my day. Actually, the first part of my day for the last two weeks. So, now, as my brain refuses to think of anything but soothers, blankies, snack and "Get down from there! You'll get hurt!" I will have to try tomorrow. Sorry about that but part two of the story will soon appear, no fear. After all, I'm not going on vacation!

... Put books back on shelf because daughter and son pulled them down to sit on (because, obviously, they are really comfy) and now, that I have noticed, they are way too tired to force them to clean up...


Joel said...

Yeah... no fun... life at home is no picnic... now, if all the working moms would get a hint of life at home they might not look down on stay-at-home moms!

Here's hoping that the days look up for you... and that spring comes SOON!!!

Nancy said...

Hey!!! Your life is a story in and of itself!!! I'm surprised you have any creativity at all with 4 kids under 5 years old!!! Rock on!

trace K said...

Thanks for sharing a part of your world. Sounds like there's frustration, but also joy. Love to all of you!

Kim said...

Whoa Joel!!!!!
I feel compelled to protect the working moms of the world.
You say if working moms would get a glimpse of life at home they might not look down on stay-at-home moms...I have 2 comments:

1. We working moms DO get a huge glimpse of life at home. We still need to take care of our children and our homes..we just add a full-time job to our day. I agree that taking care of children is a full-time job but to insinuate that working outside of the home takes you out of the hint of being at home is sooooooo wrong.

2. I have never heard any of my "working mom" friends ever suggest that they look down on someone who chooses to stay home. I for one do not feel that I would be a good parent by doing so all day everyday but although my choice is to work, I have full respect for someone who chooses to stay home.

There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to both and I encourage every mother to find what works best for her and her children.

I praise all mothers who are able to find the balance where they are able to take care of their families needs and still maintain some of their own identity. ( All while keeping God first in their life)

I certainly could never remain anonymous on this one...right Joel...

I love you Cara!!!!!!!!!