Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Poem: Child


Your smile peels the rind off the sun,
Opens doors, makes the rivers run,
And touches, like the softest pillow’s wake,
The stars, and all the heavens God could make.

Silence, with your laughter has to flee,
Loneliness follows, just a memory,
And you, with jolly cheeks and softest crown,
Are wrapped up in my arms, where love abounds.


Joel said...

That first line... somehow orange peels always end up squirting me in the eye, somehow I don't think this is the image you want in my mind though. Oh well, you know that my glass is always half-empty!!!

nancy said...

Well, JOel, that is what those smiles from the little ones do. They catch you by surprise and almost make you cry (if you're not too testosterone filled, that is). Must be a woman-thing. I totally get it. Nicely done, Cara!