Friday, March 24, 2006

One Million Dollars!

What would you do with a million dollars? I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. Almost everyone I know says “When I win a $1000000 I will…”. We must all think about it. There are ads everywhere, “You’re the lucky number!” “We’ve been waiting for you!” “Congratulations, you’re breathing. You’ve just won the opportunity of a lifetime!”

I suppose they’re right. There are a lot of people out there. Most of them are dead.

What would I do with a million dollars? I must admit, for the most part, I am dead boring. I have a long list of things I would pay off, things I would fix, things I would fix again, investments I would make, and appropriate, well managed, charities to fund. It would be a busy, time crunched life filled with writing check, after check and making agonizing decisions over appropriately named things such as:

Bonds or Mutual Funds: Do I want to be tied up in a box, or make friends?
Open Market vs. Closed: Well, duh! You can’t buy anything when the market is closed!
401k Rollovers: That is one tired dog.
Annuities: Which I would probably go for just because it is so cool to say. Go on, try it!

Who needs it? However, I have recently come up with a list of some more Cara styled fun to have with my million … and to make it more exciting … I will post it tomorrow.

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