Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Official Robert Munsch Website

The Official Robert Munsch Website
This is a great site for anyone with kids or anyone like me who secretly watched Sesame Street in University. (Come on, the puppets were awesome!) Robert Munsch has recordings of his stories on MP3s and as long as you don't use it for public performance you are free to download and listen to. My daughter is in heaven! He has a number of other interesting things like pictures, poetry and even an email address you can send to. How great is that?


Kelly Klages said...

Sorry that this is off-topic, but I couldn't seem to find your e-mail address. I've been thinking of blogging about our experience at the LCC church workers conference, with mention of our conversations on the bus after one of the worship services. What I can't remember is: that particular service: was it a communion service, or did that come later in the event? I think the service I'm thinking of was the opening service. I also think I remember singing "Lift High the Cross." Do you have any other specific recollections, and can I mention you by name in my blog post? I'll be nice.

Zee said...

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Cara said...

Hey Kelly,
It was an opening service, not communion, I can't remember exactly what we sang but I do remember that there was a big choir and orchastra and an organ! I also remember thinking it was pretty traditional and well done. I remember the conversation on the bus because the lady purposely picked us. I think she thought we'd agree with her opinions given our age. I'll try to send an email. and yes you can use my name.