Tuesday, March 21, 2006

TA - DA!!

A Consuming Experience: How to include categories for your blog (manual, expand-collapse):

No kidding! I think my brain has shrivelled up and is falling out my ear. However, it's done! (At least...I think) And, gasp, I did it myself! I feel like I just fixed the carborator in my car. I really don't know if it works and I hope the duct tape holds!

Thanks to this nice lady at e blogger I now have snazzy catagories for you to look through. Just take a glance at these fabulous features:

Too tired to slog through months of posts? No problem.
Had a down day? All you want is comedy? Sure, you betcha.
Need a vacation and a bag of cash? Yah, me too, can't help you there.

However, it might make you feel like you're on a vacation to browse through my lovely, yet basic, titles just below the Archives listed on you left. (I said might. It depends on your idea of vacation.)
Happy browsing!

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