Monday, April 10, 2006

Playing with People: The Elevator

Why just stand in an elevator when you can play with people’s minds?

When you walk into an elevator do not turn to face the doors. After all, there is no rule that you must face the only exit. Just common sense, and who needs that all the time? Instead, stay facing the back of the elevator and let the hilarity ensue.

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Nancy said...

You are a divergent thinker aren't you. I actually do face one of the side walls, backwards is just too creepy for me.... I need to see who else is in there with me.

Cara said...

Divergent thinker? Yes. I guess so. There should probably be help for that somewhere! To be fair I would probably face the side wall too. You're right that is creepy. But if you faced the back with a lot of people that would be really funny!

trace K said...

... of course, in those elevators with doors on both sides (rode on those before), is there a correct direction to face? In glass elevators, I may want to face the back/outside walls so that I can see the world and not show everyone out there my back!

(maybe more people are "closet" claustrophobics than we realize and looking at the door helps them anticipate freedom... yes I have been told I'm a divergent thinker... makes life more interesting!)