Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wednesday Poem

In lieu of a story this week I present a few of the poems I wrote while we lived in England. Hope you enjoy!

To Take the Nightmares

Good night,
Sweet dreams.
The sweetest of all imagined.
Rosy-cheeked baby smiles,
Floating feathers on water,
Bilious clouds, imagination crammed

New and full of hope,
Of kind words and love unmet
Of kisses, arms wrapped gently around
Open and unafraid
Of Peace held by sweet forgiveness.

Close your eyes
Dream beautiful gardens, butterflies, sun setting waters
The smell of lilies
The petals of a rose

Goodnight my loved one

Relentless March

Feel the tingle of history
It walks up your spine
A legion
Tapping your shoulder
Laughing at your bewilderment
Hear the tales of things undone
And at your horror
Condemn those
Like others who will condemn you
Dream it pure
Dream it evil
But captured in a mirror
Look in
And see your own shadow

English Weather

The Clouds dance by
Swiftly in a race to beat the wind
Sky so blue
The land grows dark and fierce
Sun touches my face
For he has been at hide and seek all week
He pokes behind a cloud
Hitches a ride to the next corner
He believes I cannot see him.
Foolish Sun.
I could believe for an instant
But not forever.

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Naomi said...

I can see how some of that poetry might come from spending time in England, not that I can say that from my own experience!

I enjoyed the poems...they're fun and I'd like to think of someone chasing my nightmares away with the first one!!

Hope all is well up North!

Cara said...

Thanks! It rained a lot. There was a lot of old things. My poetry ended up sounding much the same! We have finally recovered from the last of the chicken pox which I hope to write about soon. So hopefully nothing else is pending in the near future!